Friday, January 25, 2013

Big power Zetec

Having finished building and mapping a Ford Zetec Puma with GT30/76 on Emerald ECU.
The engine has been built with Wisco pistons and K1 rods, it has a Sitech ported cylinder head with std black top valves and stage 2 cams. The Puma also has a straight cut box with dog engagement.

Happy with the power 26psi giving 481bhp

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So after a late night of car building and dyno testing we have found out the following - 

Car - Bens focus RS fitted with Revo stage 4+ was a 425bhp car, we then fitted our stage 1 cams, the gain was 20bhp neting him 445bhp but boost was struggling to hold 20-21psi due to the new air flow requirments of the cams. Basicaly the standard turbo is now maxed out.

We also fitted water/meth and continued testing this also gained us 20bhp on top of the cams, boost remained the same (normally with water meth you see an increase in boost) but power had gone up another 20bhp.

So end result is 462bhp or 418whp at the wheels. Happy with that.

But the cams also net you far larger spread of torque it hold peak torque for almost 1000rpm longer
Also it makes the same power through out the power curve but continues climbing for another 1000rpm so peak power is now 6300rpm but still same power as old peak at 5300rpm.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Epic Russian Focus RS Build

On morning of October 15th we came into the workshop to find we had an epic task on our hands! 
the first move was to get the car firmly planted on the ramp and get tearing it to bits.

By the middle of the first day we had the full engine & gearbox setup sitting on a trolley

Next task was to get the gearbox off and get the engine onto a stand for forging! At the same time the head and sumps were stripped off to remove the pistons and rods

The pistons and rods were next to be built up and also the gapping of the piston rings

The block came back off the stand for cleaning, was refitted to the stand and built back up with the following

Forged Pistons
Steel H-beam conrods
Arp conrod bolts
Sitech spec Custom camshafts

One of the next tasks to do on the engine was to fit the new exhaust manifold and most importantly the TURBO!! 

The engine was lifted off the stand and put back on the trolley to fit the custom clutch kit.

Gearbox was the next part to be fitted back on

The engine was fitted back in all that was left to do was fit the wiring loom and a few other things. Not much to do!!

After a few hours driving and testing it was time to put the car on the dyno and see if the 500bhp figure the customer wanted had been achieved!?

The Final figure achieved on the car was 535hp @ Flywheel!

Our Russian friends were very happy with the outcome

They have since visited other dynos and achieved 550hp @ Fly :) 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sitech Racing has now moved.

Sitech Racing has now moved to a more centel location.

Sitech Racing, Unit 4D Barham road, Rosyth Europarc, Fife, KY11 2XB.

We have just moved but all facility are up and running.

The rolling road has been relocated to new purpuse built sound proof (almost) booth.

On a different note here are a couple of dyno graphs from a couple of cars mapped by Sitech Racing.

The first graph is from Veg's Honda Civic B16 running on Hondata ECU mapped by Sitech an impressive 217bhp

The above Supra suffered with over heated tyres and grip issues still recorded 673 bhp at 21psi of boost. The car is running on Haltech E11 ecu mapped by Sitech.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ST225 fitted with Sitech Racing inlet shows 34bhp gain

Today we got in Drew ST225 already running a file, FMIC, Miltec downpipe and backbox and K&N induction kit. The car made 282 bhp on the dyno. We then fitted the Sitech racing inlet and Miltec de-cat ran the car up a few times then retested. Results showed a good 34bhp gain to a new 316bhp.

Friday, January 21, 2011